<RICHIE HAWTIN "HOW I PLAY" 解説映像(日本語字幕付き)> 

<RICHIE HAWTIN "CLOSE" ライブティザー映像> 

<ALVA NOTO "UNIEQAV" インタビュー映像(日本語字幕付き)> 

<ALVA NOTO "UNIEQAV" ライブティザー映像> 


MIRAI means "the future" in Japanese and MIRAI TOKYO is where the future of music, art, and technology meet.

Richie Hawtin one of Techno's most innovative and respected artists presents his latest project ""CLOSE - Spontaneity and Synchronicity" a show that attempts to challenge the distinction between DJ’ing and live performance and takes you closer to his unique way of performing.

Alva Noto a genius sound technician presenting his 3D sound and vision experience "UNIEQAV"

These 2 artists share a bill presenting their latest hi-tech audio-visual experiences.

Taking place at one of Tokyo's leading live spaces, Toyoso Pit.

Presented with a leading edge speaker system,high resolution LED screen and light show specially brought in for the show.



After years following the electronic music scene in Detroit via his hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Richie Hawtin's career really began in 1990 when he started his own label, PLUS8 RECORDS with his long-time friend and ally JOHN AQUAVIVA. The pair used the label to produce tracks using aliases such as States of Mind and Cybersonik. He set the techno world alight with Plastikman's birth on the ’Spastik' single and 'Sheet One' album in 1993 all the while releasing tracks as FROM WITHIN, CONCEPT and more on the PLUS8 label. It was on these later releases that he started to push the concept of Minimal Techno into the consciousness of the clubbing scene all the while expanding his PLASTIKMAN alter ego. What began as stark techno, bloomed into more thoughtful fare such as 1998's strange, wonderful "Consumed" album on his new label MINUS. Since 2010, Richie has been touring extensively trotting out the PLASTIKMAN moniker again for an innovative live show that incorporated LED screens that were beyond the reach of many electronic musicians of the time. In 2012, Hawtin created his incredible ENTER. experience at Space, Ibiza, a distillation of his vision, a five-room adventure impeccably designed, boasting all-night ecstatic dancing. The success of those nights was so widespread that Richie was once again able to tour the world bringing the ENTER experience to audiences everywhere. It's been over ten years since Richie moved his MINUS label and himself from Windsor, Ontario and transplanted himself in Germany / Berlin and he has proven himself to be a leader amongst his peers including SVEN VATH and RICARDO VILLALOBOS. A true pioneer of the electronic music scene, Richie continues to delight his enormous fan base whether he be in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania.

http://close.richiehawtin.com/ #RichieHawtinCLOSE


Carstein Nicolai was born 1965 in in the former East German city of Karl-Marx-Stradt and is part of a generation of artists that work intensively in the transitional area between music, art and science. It was in this unique overlap of disciplines that he established himself and the artist name Alva Novo. Due to his international recognition in the fields of electronic music and media arts, Carstein has worked on collaborations with many top artists including Mika Vainio, Rika Ikeda, Brixer Bergelt (Einstein Türde Neubauten), Bjork, Iggy Pop, and Japan's own Ryuichi Sakamoto. In 2015 Carstein and Sakamoto collaborated on the soundtrack to "THE REVENANT" directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu which was nominated for a Grammy and Golden Globe Award. In 2015 he created the interactive audio-visual installation "chroma actor" exclusively designed for the entrance to the SEIBU SHIBUYA department store in Tokyo and in 2017 he presented the large scale solo exhibition "Parallax" that was held at the Ichihara Lakeside Museum. Now, in 2018 he has restarted his label <NOTON> where he releases all things ALVA NOTO

www.alvanoto.com http://www.inpartmaint.com/site/23391/


21世紀が間もなくやってくる15才の夏テクノブームの洗礼を浴び ジェフミルズ、リッチーホーティンなどから多大な影響を受けDJをスタート。 2005年 20代より都内Clubを中心にDJ活動を行ってきた、現在までにUmek、Valentino kanzyani、Speedy J、Aril Brihka、Extrawelt、Mathew Jonson, GREEN VELVETなど多くのアーティストと共演、2016年にはBen Klock ,Ame & Dixonなどのイベントにも出演、また、テクノと和楽器アーティストとのコラボレーションによる新しいプロジェクトもスタート、宇多田ヒカルのプロデューサーである三宅彰氏にデモ曲を渡したところその楽曲がヨーロッパで配信され、イギリスの有名音楽メディア"MUSIC WEEK"のCLUBチャートのTOP10に3週間にわたりチャートインしクラブミュージック界を驚かせた。ヨーロッパの20箇所以上のクラブのチャートにも登場するなどオリジナルな音楽スタイルを探求する一方、今では当たり前のTRAKTORをいち早く使い始めた世代の一人として、エフェクターを駆使したミニマルミュージックをリアルタイムに構築するスタイルを極め次世代テクノDJの一人として期待される。2017年、渋谷Contact Tokyoが1周年を迎える2017年4月、新たにスタートしたテクノパーティ「ACCUTRON」のレジデントDJとして活躍!
ファーストデジタルシングル「MEVIUS Feat. HIROMI」は初リリースにも関わらず itunes のエレクトロニックチャートで6位にチャートインした。続く2nd シングルはBLUE6 本人からカバー許諾をもらい名曲「Sweeter Love feat. Jyongri」をリリース。10/1 にリリース の 3rd シングル「Make Up Your Mind feat. Jyongri 」は SWAYZAK の大ヒット曲をカバー。




  • MIRAI TOKYO - Audiovisual Media Art Show
  • Saturday 27th October 2018 16:00 - 21:00
  • RICHIE HAWTIN [CLOSE - Spontaneity & Synchronicity]
  • ISHIJIMA [Opening DJ]

¥8,500(including tax)

You need buy a fist drink ticket ¥500 at the entrance when you get in.

* all area is standing (no seat selected)


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